ASSET Custodian

Peace-of-mind cold and warm Confidential storage of Digital Assets in our Swiss Fort Knox Vault.


Swiss Fort Knox Cold Key Storage

The key lifecycle is entirely air-gapped to minimize the attack surface.

Transaction Signing, Private Key Ownership

Customers must initialize all transactions to be processed. Private keys are controlled by the client only.

Entropy & Client Account Segregation

Client accounts are completely segregated at the root entropy level. No shared omnibus.

Strict Process Isolation

All servers and customer terminals boot into a secure environment.

Partitioning & Physical Segregation

Each root key in a customer’s multisig scheme is handled by a distinct physical device in a distinct data center behind a distinct firewall.

Data Storage & Encryption

Most sensitive secrets are stored on our Secure Modules and cannot be retrieved.

Client Account Backups

Encrypted wallet key backups are using Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme.

Key Backup Storage & Retrieval

A security and logistics firm is responsible for storage and retrieval of backups.

Client Authentication

All Bit-Bank clients are required to use three-factor authentication when signing assets out of the vault..

We offer HNW clients a discreet and confidential Digital Assets Custody Service, served from Switzerland’s Fort Knox data centre. We offer our customers with the greatest degree of security, privacy, and discretion. 

The data centre is known as Europe’s safest data centre. It is protected and situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in an ex – military bunker. The structures have an excellent structural design that makes them resistant to both military and civilian threats. In addition to a runway and customs for private plane and light aircraft access to the bunker, we have total security from NSA Prism surveillance. Encrypted communications of all of our data using the AES 256 standard. 

There is no single failure point and we are ISO27001 and IEEE 299 certified. 

The Private Key is completely controlled by the client and sharded for protection in three distinct locations that our client controls, our server is secure and air-gapped to minimise attack possibilities, we do not have or own the keys to your holdings, which means that our clients control their private keys and sign their transactions, and we are locked out of your holdings. The cold wallets are completely 3FA client-authorized. 

Making transactions from the Custodian account, our blockchain, and coins hosted privately in our data centres requires three-factor authentication, Multi-Party Authorization, and RSA signatures. 

We implement padding using TOR and VPN servers between our clients’ factor signing transactions and our data centres, as well as maintaining regular key backups and security. 

This service is exclusive to people who have a significant or ultra HNW (High Net Worth). 

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