Built on Security, for Privacy by Professionals.

Privacy Empowering DeFi, Break the Link and Secure Your X Assets confidentially.

The XBNK Token uses the latest in cryptographic encryption techniques zkSnark privacy is able to shield the users asset and put privacy on the input and output of data, thus giving a complete Privacy shield around transactions.



XBNK will burn every coin that is used after each transfer and use for anonymity and security purposes,



XBNK is a Hybrid Private Blockchain advanced XDPoS Algorithm, transacting at 2000 Transactions per Second, giving users Instant and Private Transactions.



XBNK allows the user to access the Web3 Services, our Decentralised Encrypted Exchange, Futures and Derivatives Platform, Invest into Bonds and Funds, which enables you Cross Bridge Access to Centralised Financial Instruments.


Break the link, secure your assets and turn to XBNK today!

Presale! First chance to buy before the exchange listings

108 Days 6 Hours 1 Minutes remaining

List Price: 1 XBNK = 0.0010 USDT

0.00% SOLD

USDT Raised:

$0,000,00.00 / $20,000,000

Trade and be Secured in Our Swiss Fort Knox Vaults

Launch Date of May 1st 2023

Behind XBNK is team of veterans from the finance and cyber security space, as well as being the native token of the Bit Bank Ecosystem.


Military Grade Encryption, No Digital Footprint, On Chain Privacy

Swiss privacy and the latest in cryptographic and financial revolutions, XBNK enables users to trade privately multi chain investment vechicles and Financial Instruments such as Gold, Silver, Bonds, Funds and giving users Staking rewards and governing voting rights over platform decisions.

Privately Exchange, Store, Trade, Stake and Save

Derivatives, Futures, Options, Currencies, Commodities, Crypto Currency Trading and x25 Leverage Trading is all available from our app. Discreet Custodian Service available.

Lowest fees, scalable ISO20022 Blockchain

Swiss Privacy Based DeFi Banking, enabling trust and privacy within Banking. Fully immutable and privacy based smart contract banking and trading.

XBNK and Users enjoy the following Benefits

Cross Chain Capabilities

XBNK will port across various Exchanges and Platforms on the Ethereum and XDC blockchains

On Chain Privacy

Swiss Privacy Laws, zkSNARK ZKP Zero Knowledge Proof, Tor Server Padding

Military Grade Encryption

Turn your assets into secured X assets.

Fastest Speeds, Lowest Fees

Futures, Derivatives, Commodities, Currencies, Trade it all at the lowest fees and fastest speeds

No Footprint, Digital Obfuscation of Data

Swiss Data Protection Laws, Zero Knowledge Proof Protocol – X Assets

Zero Knowledge Proof

Break the on chain links and shield your assets into XBNK and transact privately.

How to Buy XBNK Token

1. Firstly, make sure you have a Metamask or XDCPay account ready (for mobile users we recommend using TrustWallet instead)

2. Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button to enable Bit-Bank to connect with your wallet. Once connected you can buy XBNK tokens using ETH or USDT. Just choose the amount of XBNK tokens you wish to buy and click ‘Convert’ (make sure you have at least $30 of ETH to cover gas fees).

3. After the presale is over, you will be able to claim your XBNK tokens. 

Why XBNK is the Privacy Preferred Crypto of Choice?

Private transactions
Zero knowledge proof
1000s of transactions per second
Iso 20022 compliant
Copy trading/Mirror trading
Listing Alerts
Presale & ICO scoring system
On-chain analysis
Broker API support
Risk profiler
Real-time data feeds
Technical indicator & signals
Fully featured charting
News feed
Fully integrated unified dashboard
Native digital assets
VC investment
Trading competitions

Read the XBNK Whitepaper

The foundations have been laid and our team is already building the future in finance. Looking past the launch of the XBNK token, we are excited about the team and capabilities we have behind the scenes to build out the trading experience of the future. We invite you to read our whitepaper.

100% Secure

100% security by Certik

Contract code fully audited by Certik and shown to be 100% secure.

XBNK Tokenomics

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Use the contract information below to add the XBNK token to your wallet.