Binance SWIFT ban, Crypto Contagion, Genesis, Gemini, FTX who is next, Tether?

We are witnessing transformation within the geopolitical and cryptocurrency industry, bankers who claim to work for the client’s interests are being exposed for manipulating client funds, how much can we trust those that have led the way for so long?


With the SWIFT ban from Binance, we are witnessing a similar attack on the crypto industry as the SWIFT ban on Russia last year, this will have a far and wide effect across the industry…….


“When there is blood on the streets, buy!” – This is the old wartime saying…..


In this current market, we are strongly advising clients to be cautious of their holdings on exchanges and ensure secure Digital Asset Custody solutions for their holdings; we also urge them to be looking at ISO20022-certified cryptos and precious metals-backed cryptocurrency projects.


However the turmoil, we feel that this is an incredible time for investment; due to the incoming change of the guard in regulation and global finance, this is monumental,  for further information on how we can help you benefit from this speak to our Wealth Managers and book an appointment today via our website.