ROADMAP 2022-2023

Q4 2022

  • Web3 DeFi launch of services on XDC testnet.
  • DEX, DAO Governance and Community led targets.
  • Stable Coins, Bond, Funds launched onto the testnet.
  • App Launched in the testnet (https//app.bit-bank.io)
  • GitBook Documentation
  • Vaults and Stable Coins Launch (Gold/Silver/USD/GBP/CHF/EURO) XDC Testnet 
  • Secure DEX (trade.bit-bank.io) listed on testnet
  • Offices open in London and Zurich.
  • Launch XBNK Token XDC testnet (XDC:XBNK)
  • DAO Governance and Community – DAO Community Grants – Community led Bit Bank grants dao is a community led grants program to fund ideas submitted by the BitBank Protocols Community, with a focus on empowering a wider network of community developers.

Q4 2022 continued

  • Launch BitBnkBnd DAO Governance Bond. XDC Mainnet (XDC:BITBNKBND)
  • Hedge Fund Vaults linked to App
  • Custodian API intergtation
  • Partnership Announcements
  • Full Code and Security Audits
  • Marketing Deployment Phase 1 
  • Finance Magnates Exposition 

Q1 2023

  • Move and finish testing onto the Mainnet!
  • Listings on Coingeko, Coinmarketcap, Forums Bitcointalk etc.
  • Custodian Audits
  • Presale Launch of XBNK
  • Marketing Phase 1.
  • 1,000,000,000,000 XDC Hard Capped.
  • 100,000,000 XDC Soft Cap.
  • Company announcements.

Q2 2023

  • Marketing Deployment Phase 2 
  • Launch Android Web3 DeFi App.
  • Login to view holdings CeFi.
  • Launch Loans Service on Protocol
  • Launch Welcome Packs Wealth Management for High Net Worth Clientele of Discreet Custodian
  • Asia Expansion, Latin and North American markets.
  • Expos and Conferences!

Q3 2023

  • List Token on Main Exchanges
  • Launch iOS App.
  • Community led Protocol upgrades.
  • DAO Community Grants.
  • Marketing Phase 3.
  • VPN and Privacy Services Addons for Clients.
  • Internal Secure Messaging System

Q4 2023

  • Hackathon.
  • Private Auction Facility.
  • BitBank Protect Live OS for Secure Users.
  • BlackPhone for Users. Custom Hardened OS.
  • MasterNode for network Authenticators.
  • NFTs for Secure Contracts.
  • Competitions and Privacy and Finance Giveaways to keep the movement spreading!

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